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Carlos Yamberla Pineda and
Maria Carmen Ramirez Ramirez

Their Story

Carlos and Maria are 63 and 70 years old respectively, and were married and have lived together since he was 15 years old.  They are the 4th generation artisans in their families.  They make ponchos on a calluha (back strap) loom, and their garments are made with great dedication and high quality raw material.  Often they make their ponchos for the cowboys of Ecuador.  This work, together with family farming, has allowed him to support the upbringing and education of their 4 children.  

They are artisans recognized by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Production, and have a long history in this profession which allows them to be some of the best weavers in the area, being known for the variety of colors and designs of their garments.

BIO - Carlos Pineda Maria Ramirez: About
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