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Carlos Yamberla Pineda Maria Carmen Ramirez

David Quilimba and
Marian Soledad Males Otavalo

Their Story

David is a third generation artisan in his family, one grandfather being a calluha (back strap loom) weaver and and the other grandfather being a wooden floor loom weaver.  He makes jackets and wool ponchos in the small workshop in the house where 18 members of the family live!  

Mirian is a multi-generational artisan as well.  Her mother is a waveband her father made wool sacks in the 1980's to send to other countries such as the USA, Colombia, Chile and Mexico. In 1999 she began her work in handicrafts by sewing buttons on farmers as well as preparing the raw materials prior to weaving.  

They have two children, Sayani and Nahia.  

BIO - David Quilimba Mirian Males: About
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