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Hilda Marina Montalvo Montalvo

Her story

Hilda is a 35 year old indigenous woman, the first daughter of Jorge Antonio Montalvo Vineuza.  She is an artisan of recognized trajectory in her own right.  She grew up working in her father's workshop, and she remembers having worked in the preparation of the raw materials all the way to doing the finish work on her garments.  She currently has a workshop for the production of blankets, shawls and scarves.

Hilda is an active participant in the administration of her community.  She is the equivalent to a city councilor in the USA.  She is educated with a degree in business, and uses that education and leadership role to find markets for her community's products.  

She has a 15 year old son, named Apawki, and he works with her in her workshop.  She wants her son ton continue in this family legacy applying current knowledge and innovating designs. 

BIO - Hilda Montalvo: About
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